Going from the Classroom to Virtual Effectively

There is a lot of uncertainty in the current environment. My passion is to help you bring certainty and sustainability to your classes. I want to help you with what you deliver to your students, and how you engage with them, as you move into the online space

Why do I need this?


I am Carri Adcock, sustained success coach. I work with professionals across many industries, including Academia, to bring effective, focused, time-saving structure to their career, vocation or passion.  I spent 25 years in Corporate high-tech and have worked online across global teams since 1998.  I deliver 95% of my training, coaching, and mentoring in the online space. During this swiftly changing landscape I want to help you to shift effectively and simplify delivery of what you need to teach within this new environment.


What you might do in the classroom, in-person, may not be as effective on an online platform.  Engagement will look different and if not addressed can become overwhelming.

You will Receive...

Strategies based on YOUR courses, your objectives, your priorities, and student interaction so you are able to:

  • Deliver your material effectively
  • Engage the students and keep them engaged
  • Create community
  • Allow for structured feedback and communications that will not overwhelm you

What you can expect


I have worked with many online platforms and will help you discover and decide:

  • How to leverage what you already have in place
  • What platforms to use if you need to add any (no or low-cost options)
  • A weekly schedule to keep students and faculty connected without being tied to your phone / computer.

In this process you will...

  • Create a revised syllabus that focuses on 2-3 key learning objectives leveraging online content
  • Make your office hours work for you and your students
  • Develop a clear, precise, and concise communication plan so you and your students have shared expectations
    • Medium and frequency
    • Schedule
    • Manageability
  • Learn how to build community outside the traditional classroom that is both manageable and effective

Step 1 - Review

We begin with a complementary 20-minute introductory call. In this call, I will answer any questions, review your objectives, timeline, and any requirements.

Step 2 - Create Strategy

If it’s a fit, we’ll schedule the strategy call where I will have reviewed information requested along with some questions and we’ll lay out your plan and weekly schedule.

Step 3 - Follow up after 2-3 weeks to Refine

After putting your strategy to work you will have a clear vision of what is working great and what might need a shift or simplification. This is the perfect time to do this.

I'd love to speak with you.

What if I'm not sure I need something like this?

I'm already online with my students. Is it too late?

I'm a professional and have been doing this for a long time - why would this help?

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