5-Day Journey To You

Everything is shifting.


And in the midst…lies opportunity to center and to have some relief in the unknown.


and I’m a Sustained Success Coach.  I help people achieve their greatest dreams … and enjoy the journey.

I invite you to a 5-day Journey to You

There was never a better time to practice.


You’ll receive a field note and video each day in your inbox.  I’ll be sharing some of my best tools and strategies I use with my clients that help you to create space, touch in and hear your heart, and take care in this shifting time.


You’ll also have the opportunity to be part of the community that is on this Journey as well, to hear from others and share your experience if you like.


“This experience has given me tools to live life with a greater ease.  Coming together in this virtual community allowed me to connect with others who are also interested in living their best life.”


“Carri is energetic, uplifting, yet firm and realistic”


“The simplicity of the assignments motivated me to continue to reap the benefits of the daily nuggets I received from completing the 5 day workshop.”


“The way it works! Is watch(listen, feel, share), Do (decide to show up, decide to DO something and DO it) maybe not perfect, teach ( share how it changed your perspective and life) continue showing up and moving and giving it away.”

-Jim S

I look forward to seeing YOU on the Journey!

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