Live the Magic Retreat Venice

Join us June 11 - 15, 2019!

This exclusive resort is an oasis of peace - a unique experience of nature and culture, in an environment where attention to detail creates serenity to go within.  This is the location pioneered Glamping in Italy.  Come stay in luxury within a park of a seventeenth century barn immersed in the quiet countryside nestled between the Venetian lagoon and the Brenta river where the Doges and ancient and noble Venetian families had their summer homes.

  • Curated just for you, this small group retreat is intended to reignite and rekindle the Magic ALREADY in you. 

  • Surrounded by Nature and Sisterhood - You will be fully supported throughout the journey to reawaken to who you are and your purpose here.

  • This transformational, one-of-a-kind experience will take your breath away and set you on the path to fully living the life you're here for.

This is not your "run of the mill" retreat.

This magical property outside Venice, Italy will inspire you to appreciate the beauty within as you enjoy the quiet luxury. Everything is attended to for you, so that you can relax, and  focus on you.

Are you ready to ...


Wake up in the beautiful Italian countryside outside the magnificent city of Venice, knowing the day ahead will be full of surprises, "aha"s, fresh air, inspiration, and time to remember how precious this life is.


Adventure through new territory inside and out and share it with others that are taking the leap with you.


Think what it'll mean when you leave ... with clarity, excitement, and confidence in what you uncovered - the powerhouse you are.


...AND you also have the opportunity to really integrate this into your 'real life', relationships, and business with support from us and your retreat sisters after you go.


You'll leave with ...



Live the Magic Retreat in Venice, Italy will catapult you as you

  • Get real with the gorgeous soul that you are. 
  • Become aware of and clear the blocks holding you back from all that is here for you. 
  • Return home with a new toolbox full of tools to continue growing in who you were created to be. 
  • Practice Being versus Doing.
  • Leverage Inspired Action which is exponentially more powerful than action for action's sake and will bend time. 
  • Let go of waiting and second-guessing and reconnect with your Inner Guidance.


Imagine saying Yes...


  • To that inner voice and going for it. Waking up in Venice Italy, with a full week ahead to immerse yourself in this incredible, inspiring, magnetic experience. 
  • To slow down, shift it all up, and get to know you.
  • Investing 5 days devoted to transforming obstacles that slow you down on your journey to your heart's desire. 
  • To be inspired and supported by a tribe just like you and to multiply your growth by the power of Group Intention. 
  • To pinch yourself as you realize what a gift there is waiting for you - the gift you WILL receive as you take the leap. 
  • To know that by saying yes, the transformation has already begun.

Bonus - Sign up by February 14, 2019 and the Integrate Program is included!

Inclusive Experience

All is included. Lodging, activities, meals upon your arrival to the site, and during your stay.  You're job is to just show up, be open, and receive!

Unique Experience

Carri and Elena are bringing all of their Magic to provide an experience that will leave you wondering why you waited so long to do something like this for you.


You will walk away a different woman - the one you longed to be yet didn't allow, didn't know how.  Your time is now.

I want to know the Details:


This is an exclusive resort, an oasis of peace for a unique experience of nature and culture, in an exclusive environment where attention to detail creates the pleasant sensation that makes you feel at home.


Surrounded by nature, out of the ordinary, the elegant and spohisticated decor and unconventional love for travel are the ingredients that gave birth to the first Glamping in Italy.




The Gelso tent overlooks a private garden where "the mulberry tree provides guests with sweet blackberries and breathtaking views over the olive orchard. 

From 1 to 4 guests, 1 large double bed and two single beds. Pillow menu service to chose the pillow that suits your rest. Wi-Fi Internet connections in the room.


This retreat has been created to give your mind, body, and spirit ALL it needs to wake up and live the joyful life that is possible for you. You will be immersed in magical inspiration; this retreat reflects the work that will occur within you. It is intentional in every way to support your growth and alignment. From the location, to the meeting place, to the activities, food, content - each piece is lovingly, powerfully, and intentionally created to be in best service to you. 


Women who join our guest list will have an unforgettable experience that will grow in them as they move back out into the world. 

It's not all Work.

A fully lived life is about Balance and you will experience that at Live the Magic Retreat. All of the experiences during the retreat:


  • deep internal connecting work
  • laughter 
  • great food
  • sharing joys 
  • connection with the group
  • recognizing the beauty in the city, or in another
  • resting and slowing down
  • quiet time 


These are the tapestry that leads to transformation, and you will find it all here in these 5 days. 

Listen to your Heart.

This retreat is for those women who want to know how big their life really can be. They know in their heart there is more, it is waiting, and yet haven't been able to access it on their own. They know that there is more even than they can imagine yet it is a distant "someday". If this is you, Live the Magic Retreat is your gateway to diving in to what IS possible NOW. 


Say yes. 

It always begins with a yes. 


All you need for massive transformation will provided

and the invitation

is open to you. 


What's better than starting the day with a hearty breakfast? Homemade pastries which you can find at your disposal from the old family recipies -- jams, hot breads, yogurt and milk directly from the local dairy, salty snacks and much more. Beginning your day in the canonici of San Marco is a gentle awakening in this warm setting that reveals all of its history and the owner's passion for hospitality.


Come be taken care of.

Meet your Hosts

We are SO excited to host you on this epic week full of adventure, unexpected surprises, and lots of love.

You'll be provided for from the moment you set foot on the property until the moment you depart.

We consider all of the guests, your desires, and design the space / container of this retreat AROUND you.

This is our zone of genius and we cannot wait to share it with you!


Carri Adcock

I'm Carri Adcock, writer, inspirer, mentor, and I help people achieve their greatest dreams.


I do this in by sharing what I have been given and practiced over the last 12+ years myself, and with hundreds of men and women around the world.


It's not about adding to who you are, it's about UNCOVERING what is already there.


To shine a light on WHO you are and WHO you came to be.


Not only to find this for yourself, but I'll provide tools and practices that work for you to fully INTEGRATE your new understanding into your life and continue to grow.


Forcing never creates, the door of the soul opens inward and this retreat provides the inspiration, support and environment to turn the key and unlock your heart.


I am SO excited to bring this amazing experience to life with Elena and to share it will the select few who are willing to take the leap and invest in themselves.


This is not a dress-rehearsal :).



Dr. Elena Agrizzi


I’m Dr. Elena Agrizzi, international visionary & success coach for women entrepreneurs. I’m a certified coach with almost 20 years of experience in personal development. I combine my formal MBA education with a deep, powerful holistic knowledge and constant research to help women LIVE THE MAGIC every day of their lives.


I learned that there is a different way of living life and business, a way where you are in touch with your inner self, a way where you can tap into your intuition and step into flow. Stepping into flow means to surrender and allow yourself to be guided by God/Universe to fulfill your purpose – being in service to yourself and others .

Are you Ready to Join the Guest List?

We're so excited to share this journey with you.  If you're like me I make a decision and I'm there.

Integrate Group Program

  • 4-month program exclusively offered to those on the guest list for Live the Magic Venice.

  • You'll work directly with Carri and Elena to fully integrate the transformation into your life.

  • You'll continue to nurture and grow the relationship with the sisters you meet at Live the Magic

Action Has Rewards







This Program will maximize

your experience

Give yourself the gift of you!

See what some clients have to say:

You are such a great coach for me and took me to the place I could not dream of a year ago. I cannot imagine what life would be like if I had not met you.  

For all that, I sincerely thank you.  

Kanako Matsumoto

CEO, Task-Ki Inc.

One of my dream goals was obtained in about the half the time other programs suggest. I don’t know how this worked except she asked me if I believed it could happen ... and I said YES

Kate Godby

Founder, LLC

With Carri’s help, direction and generous, giving spirit, you can realize goals and intentions you set for yourself and possibly uncover dreams you never knew you had

Suzanne Moughton

Teaching Parents how to empower their Children


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